About Fidectus

Fidectus AG (Fidectus SA) (Fidectus Ltd)


Once considered a cost of doing business, today’s settlement process in OTC energy trading requires enhancement. Legacy processes have remained in place longer than desired. We see the industry looking at settlements and saying: "It is time; we need to change today's code of practice."

 Working with key industry players for over 3 years, Fidectus has built  a user-centric, interoperable and secure plug'n'play solution.  For the first time, it is possible to completely dispose paper, media discontinuities and infrastructure. Electronic Settlement Matching is lean, quick, efficient and enables optimized margins. 

Fidectus´ clients experience an average productivity increase of 45-65%.  They achieve significant risk capital reductions. They can actively manage their liquidity and credit risk. And they can reduce their cash flows by factor 5.