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CpML for eSM makes a step forward by incorporating advice from Fidectus pilot group

Zürich, March 11, 2020 – The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) asked for feedback and updated the CpML schema for eSM. A powerful tool in the decision process was feedback received from interested traders and the real world experience gained from the Fidectus pilot group. The Fidectus pilot group leveraged a working knowledge gain over the past year validating the industry’s first commercial platform. “The industry has started to take seriously the points our pilot customers called out last year. We value the community's input and will continue to make our recommendations transparent to the workgroup and community at large.“ said Dr. Jens Bartenschlager, CEO of Fidectus.

With the publication of version 2.0.3. of the eSM CpML schema, EFET implements the findings of Fidectus’ pilot group customers. The update ensures a leaner schema structure and more efficient processing with reduced strain on platform capacities and less potential for errors.   

For details please contact us .

Industry eSM milestone

Zürich, November 14, 2019 -  History milestone passed. Last week a number of trading organizations performed electronic settlement for OTC trades at Fidectus AG in Zurich Switzerland. For the first time, leading energy traders logged into their Global Energy Network accounts with real-world invoices and purchase orders to perform settlement with actual counterparties. The first electronic matches and bilateral nettings were produced within minutes. 

Participants included Fidectus' Pilot member companies as well as industry members at large. With electronic settlement validated industry members are focused on implementation details. Fidectus wants to thank all the companies who participated in this historic event. 

If your organization missed out on this historic event and has an interest in electronic settlement, please be sure to join our next real-world hands on session. For details contact  us.

Fidectus announces open source interoperability for electronic Settlement Matching (EFET eSM)

Zürich, October 7, 2019 - Fidectus, a leader in the emerging electronic settlement matching (EFET eSM) space for European OTC energy trading, announces its plans to open-source key elements of its platform. 

Today, eSM interoperability is far from a reality and the decision of which vendor to pick is made with uncertainty and the hope that all vendors live up to their promises. Open 

sourcing enables interoperability by empowering EFET and the market to contribute. Transparency and control by the community removes risks. Basic matching and connectors are commodity and opening the technology ensures interoperability and development of higher value features. This strategic investment demonstrates Fidectus’ commitment to EFET and the industry.

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