Electronic Settlement Matching Webinar Series

When: The First Wednesday of every month starting at 14:00-15:30 CEST

Cost: Free to qualified industry members

Sponsor: Global Energy Network by Fidectus


The eSM Webinar series is drawing interest and attendees from across the industry. 

Real-world feedback and lessons learned from energy traders who moved to commercial use of the Global Energy Network for eSM are to be shared thus providing an invaluable roadmap for others considering eSM. With a couple of months of commercial use in the books the institutional knowledge and experience gained is defining new best practices and proving out the eSM model’s value.

In the second iteration June 3rd, users will tell in their own words about one large traders' journey toward eSM, specifically the details of pulling data required for all eSM deployments from SAP. For another trader May marked this company’s first commercial use of the eSM platform and workflow. The project lead will share his company’s journey and experience of onboarding and using the Global Energy Network for eSM.

Furthermore, a co-founder of the eSM standard and member of the CpML  Board will share insights on the history of the standard and minimum  requirements to benefit from it. 

Come learn from industry peers and experts and jump start your eSM IQ.


April 2020 marked the turning point for the European energy industry as first movers embraced commercial use of eSM to improve and realize added value from post-trade processing. The Official eSM Webinar Series is a monthly forum designed to help industry members gain expertise and insight on all aspects of electronic Settlement Matching (eSM). The series provides access to eSM experts, users and business leaders all sharing firsthand experiences and thoughts while encouraging an open dialog. It promises leadership the ability to remain knowledgeable, avoid missed steps and learn from industry peers by providing expertise and experience leading towards the successful deployment and operations of eSM.