Bilateral and multilateral Netting

Reduce costs and optimize cashflow.


Benefit of automated netting

Netting is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that often requires manual reconciliation efforts. Additionally, market participants may not have the necessary IT infrastructure to execute netting statements.
Fidectus Netting capabilities offer a solution to these challenges by providing tools to automate netting based on matched settlements and distribute to all your counterparties. Our platform streamlines and simplifies the process, allowing market participants to take advantage of the benefits of the netting without the challenges of manual reconciliation or IT complexity.

Fidectus has developed new features for Netting that allow GEN users to benefit from the following functionality:

  • Automated Netting: The GEN platform automatically aggregates settlement documents based on your company's needs. Before the payment date, the GEN platform automatically generates and submits a Netting Statement for counterparties' approval.
  • Manual Netting: The GEN platform allows users to create a manual netting statement by selecting settlement documents and, if necessary, adding information from external sources.
  • Multilateral Netting: The GEN platform enables users to offset the value of multiple payments to be exchanged between more than two parties.

These new features make it easier to take advantage of the benefits of Netting, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Make the switch from a mostly manual netting process to fully automated with Fidectus. Our platform allows you to:

  • Reduce the number of payments by making just one payment between two parties for each agreed settlement period.

  • Reduce credit risk.

  • Reduce settlement risk.

  • Reduce liquidity risk.

By automating the netting process, you can streamline your payment and settlement procedures, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Seamlessly Integrate

Connect via multiple C/ETRM and Accounting  systems. Ingest trades via OCR, OpenAPI, files, or manual entry.

Flexible Match and Reconcile

Match and Reconcile any trade for confirmation and settlement. Use your own format and matching instructions.

Connect with Community 

Connect to a global community of OTC trading corporations. Quickly solve your disputes and collaborate.

Simplify Compliance

Benefit of regulatory reporting, extensive compliance reports, and immutable audit trail - fully ISO 27001 certified.


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