Reduce credit risk and improve liquidity in OTC energy markets.


A Better Management of your company

Settlement in energy trading results in high cost and risk exposure, due to a manual and error-prone process. The current methods are putting energy traders at a competitive disadvantage.

Fidectus services provide the technological advances required to level the playing field for Settlement in OTC energy trading: Electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) that applies the EFET standards. 

The platform allows energy traders to reduce operational costs, lower credit and counterparty risk, and improve liquidity by automating and accelerating the settlement process in cross-company workflows.

Fidectus applies its expertise and agility to solve the problem of trade settlement services for the OTC Energy market. 

The settlement matching service correlates, matches, and reconciles invoice documents between trading parties (seller & buyer), brokers, and industrial clients via a web user interface, RESTful API, or drop folder integration. It enables users to manage disputes via a unified collaboration tool across multiple communication channels.

GEN fully supports EFET standards including CpML schema and eSM business processes and has extended features to integrate settlement with other post-trade processes.

Business process improvement
  • Fewer errors and faster issue resolution
  • Improve your data quality and availability

Quicker transaction processing times

  • Shorter settlement cycles

Operational Risk Reduction

  • Sending to correct CP
  • Reduced threat of reputational risk


Efficiency and scalability
  • Saving time
  • Scalability
  • Increased volumes

Increased level of automation

  • Automated exchange of all invoice documents in scope

Cash flow improvement

  • Automated settlement opens opportunities for earlier settlements
  • OCR outgoing and incoming PDF Invoices into eSM schema.
  • Match via email for counterparties.
  • Automatic rendering of PDFs based on electronic data processed.
  • Company and counterparty static data and banking details repository.
  • Monitoring and management of payments related to Invoices and Netting Statements.
  • Advanced search across settlement services.

Integrated Collaboration Functionality

Integrated collaboration functionality to solve disputes with all your counterparties.

Simple Configurable Dashboard


An instant overview of what is happening in your current Back Office processes.

Multiple Integration Options

Easy and quick access to Global Energy Network via multiple options with numerous file formats.


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