electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM)

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Volatility and uncertainty keep you from doing business, your costs are up, requiring you to do more in less time with fewer resources. Yet your existing solution cannot handle electronic and paper confirmations, and is not automated or agile enough to keep up with evolving technology. We understand this change and have created a solution.

Fidectus offers its proven expertise in state-of-the-art technology and modern energy markets to deliver trade confirmation services. Our Global Energy Network (GEN) provides users a fast, accurate, and legally binding alternative to electronic legacy offerings and manual (paper/PDF) confirmations. GEN unifies outbound and inbound handling of paper, PDF, and electronic confirmations in one solution – for traders and brokers.

Energy firms and brokers can now automatically confirm with all their counterparties through one unified workflow and user interface. Eye-opening dashboards, reports, notifications, and predictions allow GEN users to fully control all of their confirmation workflows – in one place.

  • Hedge your operational risks by matching across different channels, and vendors via one unified platform and user interface – GEN supports electronic, paper, email and PDF across multiple market standards.

  • Make individual agreements with your counterparties and process all your trades without limiting yourself to single standards and/or vendors.

  • Achieve 100% automation by truly matching the content of confirmations – and not just comparing fields and validating consistency.

  • Save valuable time, spot errors immediately, and focus on dispute resolution – instead of “pending" and manually resolving deviations.

  • Benefit of instant and paperless matching with traders and brokers not yet using an electronic solution – your trading partners do not even require to register for usage.

  • Keep accurate records of all your confirmations in one place for audit, legal and tax purposes.

  • Make better-informed decisions to improve your cross-company processes with your counterparties.

  • Significantly reduce your running cost and cost of change.

  • Get compensated for successfully completed confirmation matches on GEN between June 2022 and December 2024 (terms apply).

  • Plug and play configuration into your existing EFET eCM compliant solution – within days and no change is required to your ETRM system.

  • True automation and straight-through processing (close to no human intervention).

  • Best-in-class user experience through a modern and intuitive web interface.

  • Covering all your confirmations, even if matching via multiple platforms and workflows.

  • Linking and reconciliation of confirmations that do not fully match, resulting in mismatches instead of pending.

  • Data augmentation and business rules for automatic enrichment, mapping, and validation.

  • Cognitive OCR (data recognition) for inbound confirmations.

  • Match-per-Mail for outbound confirmations via email and pdf.

  • Built-in dispute management in one place with full audit coverage across all channels.

  • Comprehensive process routing for inbound and outbound confirmations.

  • Increased security through modern architecture, data encryption and multi-factor authentication.

  • Highest availability and scalability  through multi-microservice and cloud-based architecture.

  • Available for multiple ETRM and middleware systems out of the box, such as CTRM Cubed, ION Allegro, OpenLink Endur, Soptim, TriplePoint, Previse Systems, and many more.

  • Available for multiple transport protocols and file types, such as OpenAPI, RESTful API, ebXML, SFTP, HTTPS, SharePoint, OneDrive, SMTP, S/MIME, CSV, XML, JSON, and many more.

Seamlessly Integrate

Connect via multiple C/ETRM and Accounting  systems. Ingest trades via OCR, OpenAPI, files, or manual entry.

Flexible Match and Reconcile

Match and Reconcile any trade for confirmation and settlement. Use your own format and matching instructions.

Connect with Community 

Connect to a global community of OTC trading corporations. Quickly solve your disputes and collaborate.

Simplify Compliance

Benefit of regulatory reporting, extensive compliance reports, and immutable audit trail - fully ISO 27001 certified.


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