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Cutting-edge tech for your energy post trading

Fidectus' cloud-based services for Energy deliver fully digitized and automated management of your entire post-trade lifecycle. You benefit of regulatory reporting, confirmation, settlement, bilateral and multilateral netting, financing and payment across the whole trading organization and with all your counterparties. 

Our Global Energy Network (GEN) enables you to reduce your counterparty risk, increase speed of counterparty onboarding, increase operational efficiency, reduce the amount of funds leaving your accounts and unlock working capital.

GEN supports industry standards ISDA, EFET eCM, eSM and many more. Furthermore, you can connect easily and quickly to GEN via multiple connectivity options and cognitive OCR. That means you can handle all your inbound and outbound post trade workflows in one solution.

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Regulatory Reporting and  Compliance

Unify all your regulatory and compliance requirements in a single solution across multiple regulations. We cover EMIR/UK, MiFIR, MiFID II, SFTR, FinfraG, REMIT and MAR.

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Match and Reconcile incoming and outgoing Confirmations via multiple channels and formats. We support EFET's electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM), and custom paper/PDF, OCR, file-based and email.

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Generate, Match and Reconcile incoming and outgoing Settlements via multiple channels and formats. We support EFET's electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) and custom paper/PDF, OCR, file-based and email.

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Bilateral and Multilateral Netting

Benefit of automated netting of intercompany Settlements, reduce transactions and costs and optimize financing, cash allocation and credit risk.

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Discounting and Financing

Meet your working capital needs. Release liquidity earlier to your suppliers for a risk-free return and hard savings. Receive liquidity earlier from your customers to reduce risk and free up limits.

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Accelerate, reconcile and execute payments digital and effortless while delivering unprecedented visibility and security. We connect you to multiple banks, card and transaction networks.

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Powerful Dashboard

Gone are the days of having to know how to collect data dumps or having to rely on someone who does in order to create reliable KPIs, illustrations, and updates. GEN provides you  insanely intuitive and powerful dashboards that you can drill-in and navigate your way through post-trading.


Effective filter and sort

With GEN you have access to loads of fine grain customization and workflow controls right from within the documents workbench. Select the columns, filters, sorting, export documents in multiple formats, trigger emails, and so much more.


Intuitive Drill-in

Just because you are using an enterprise B2B product does not mean the User Experience has to feel like it. GEN was built together with designers and post-trade experts like you. You  have wide ranging control of drilling-in and through documents, workflows, matching results, functionalities, and much more.

Not a post-trade expert? Not a problem. Your team will think you are by using GEN.


Seamlessly Integrate

Connect via multiple C/ETRM and Accounting  systems. Ingest trades via OCR, OpenAPI, files, or manual entry.

Flexibly Match and Reconcile

Match and Reconcile any trade for confirmation and settlement. Use your own format and matching instructions.

Connect with Community 

Connect to a global community of OTC trading corporations. Quickly solve your disputes and collaborate.

Simplify Compliance

Benefit of regulatory reporting, extensive compliance reports and immutable audit trail - fully ISO 27001 certified.


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