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ETRM Mini-Series with ION

Zürich, 1 February 2022 –Chris Sass and Martin Hiller are joined by Sunil Biswas, the Chief Product Officer and André Jäger, the Senior Vice President Product Management of ION. With a wide range of ETRM solutions that are known in the industry, our guest can give some insights on what actually drives customers and therefore advances in the industry.

"ION Commodities, a division within the ION Group, is the leading provider of commodity management solutions that empowers companies to be in total control of their business operations.
As the market leader, ION Commodities provides holistic portfolio management and next-generation decision support to organisations of any size, in any industry, across any commodity, and in any region.
From a completely packaged multi-tenant SaaS solution, to a highly customised ETRM/CTRM solution, to a platform for advanced analytics and digitalisation, ION’s portfolio of solutions supports commodity organisations’ exact requirements now — and as their businesses grow and change well into the future."

Listen to the series as they are released, by following the website https://insidersguidetoenergy.com/energy-podcast-education/etrm/


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Norlys Energy Trading selects Fidectus as their eCM-Provider

Norlys Energy Trading is going live with electronic Confirmation Matching on Fidectus' Global Energy Networks and takes advantage of the partnership...

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EESPA member Fidectus

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Fidectus joins EESPA

Fidectus announce membership with the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA) to strengthen interoperability and wider adoption of...

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Meet Fidectus at Energy trading week 2022

Fidectus is proud to announce our event partnership with this years' Energy Trading Week in County Hall, London, 28-29 September 2022.

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