Meet Fidectus at Energy trading week 2022

Fidectus is proud to announce our event partnership with this years' Energy Trading Week in County Hall, London, 28-29 September 2022.

We are pleased to invite you to join us at Energy Trading Week - The largest gathering of industry professionals this year! Please join the LinkedIn event page.  

This years program is focused in the most pressing matters in energy trading including challenges and opportunities. Learn about cutting edge digitalization, what it means for post trade operations and how you can improve your liquidity, risk and productivity.

It’s all about the data quality, don’t you know

In a racing analogy, we have been under starters orders for a considerable amount of time, but now the flag has been dropped, and we are off. 29th...

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The Future of Back Office: Trends and Insights from the 2nd. DSN Event

We are happy to share details about the recent Discuss.See.Network (DSN)- event that took place in Aarhus, Denmark. The keynote speaker was Bartosz...

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Breaking Barriers: Interoperability's Revolutionary Impact on eSM

eSM Interoperability – a reality since fall of 2022. Last perceived hurdle for many organizations has been removed. Automating the OTC Post-Trade...

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