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  Once considered a cost of doing business, today’s settlement process in OTC energy trading requires enhancement. Legacy processes have remained in place longer than desired. We see the industry looking at settlements and saying: "It is time; we need to change todays code of practice."

Working with key industry players for over 3 years, Fidectus has built a tailor-made, resilient and audit-proof solution. For the first time, it is possible to completely dispose paper, media discontinuities and infrastructure. The settlement is lean, quick, efficient and enables optimized margins.

Your benefits


Settlement risk reduction & speed increase

  • Settlement risk reduction by quick and automated matching
  • Automated netting with your trusted counterparties
  • Real-time collaboration and communication in case of disputes


Highest security & immutable audit trail

  • Maximum availability, resilience and performance at all times
  • Full immutable audit trail of all transactions and communication 
  • and highest security standards by utilizing the Blockchain


Seamless integration & standards

  • Rich integration points for e.g. ERP- and ETRM-systems
  • Support of open and industry standards (e.g. EFET, CPML)
  • Your current payment process will stay as it is

What makes us stand out?

Highest impact early in the release process


Immediate benefit with short return on investment


No vendor lock-in by adhering open standards and APIs


Adherence of industry standards and bodies (e.g. EFET, CPML)


Mechanism to continually receive and apply your industry feedback


Designed as an enabler of things you want to do in the future


About Fidectus

Dr. Jens Bartenschlager


Together with an industry contact, Fidectus’ CEO Jens had the idea on how to solve the problem in November 2015. Ever since, he has been working  with the industry in different roles. He brings 14+ years experience in energy, utilities and IT.

Fidectus AG


Fidectus is a Swiss based company founded for the purpose of solving the specific problem of electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) together with and for the European OTC energy trading industry. We believe in a razor-sharp focus. Ultimately, we are nimble, have no ties and no interests within the industry.

Chris Sass


Chris is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of succeeding in different industries. Bringing innovative technologies successfully to market, he has an extensive knowledge on engineering and IT architectures. Chris has 20+ years of experience in technical sales of cloud, analytics and IT solutions. 


Meet us at ETOT in London 10-11 October 2019


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